Friday, March 20, 2009

Shoe Rants (and knitting love)

That is what I saw on the shoe rack TEN days after I needed them. I spent countless hours searching towns, cities, hills, valleys, dales, whatever it took to find a pair of white leather ballerina flats. They could not be found. Anywhere. TEN days after the wedding there's an abundance of white leather ballerina flats. I counted four pairs before I turned around and walked out of the store. Grrrrrr.

This is the new project I put on the needles. A green cable knit sweater. I have nothing green. I'm Irish. I need green things. I discovered this when I went to find something green to wear to work on St. Paddy's day. The best I could come up with was a greenish, orangish, yellowish (I have no idea what color it is) turtleneck that has tiny little bleach spots on the front from my husband's efforts at doing the laundry. I stuck a pin over them and hid them, kind of. But it really irritated me all day that that turtleneck was the best I could do. What kind of Irish woman am I? So, on the needle went a new project. I love it. The yarn is squishy soft, warm and oh so cozy. It's some sort of fancy schmancy wool that I can't remember the name of but it cost me my first born. [Not really. I offered him in trade and Pam said no.] I can't wait to wear it. I just can't let my husband anywhere near it with a bottle of bleach.

P.S. Anyone know where I can find a pair of black flat dressy shoes with a pointy toe?

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