Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Shopping with my sissy

I love to shop with my sissy. She's the best shopper in the world. She buys just as much as I do. We're doing our best to help the economy right now but we can't do it alone. Get out and shop, people. I hate shopping with people that don't buy anything. What's fun about that? That's the whole point to shopping, the exchange of money for goods. Otherwise, don't call it shopping. Call it looking.

We were shopping with my daughter a few weekends ago. Actually my daughter wasn't shopping since she didn't exchange any money for goods. Her mother did that for her. So her mother was shopping, she was just along for the ride. A free one, at that.

Sissy and I were waiting for K. while she was trying on something. This pic was taken in GAP. They have the best seat around. Kind of like a really large square ottoman, soft to sit on and you can put your feet all the way up. Sissy didn't know this so I dragged her over and made her sit on it.

This is the number of items K. tried on in Anthropologie.

This is the number of items K. bought in Anthropologie. No, the number of items I bought in Anthropologie. K. gets to wear them, but I own them.

[My daughter, K., is fairly annoyed that I post things about her in this blog. She wants me to tell you that she has a 97 average in Algebra and a 91 average in Biology. Apparently she's afraid some of you might have gotten the wrong impression of her after reading the Venice and Venezuala posting.]


  1. I LOVE to shop on the internet and in catalogs...at the mall...ugh...

    I like boutique-y kinds of stores tho.

    You would not like to shop with me...I do not buy much :o(

  2. I reread this and still laughed as much, if not more, the second time around. You guys are too funny. Exactly what I need with 2 teenage boys upstairs arguing about something... : (

  3. @ Donna - I bet my sissy and I could coerce you into spending more! Come out and shop with us ;-)

    @ Rhonda - thanks for reading us. You should start a blog...you've got as many stories as I do!