Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shell shocked from shoe shopping

All I want is a pair of white leather ballerina flats. Simple shoe, simple problem, right? Wrong. Evidently, shoe manufacturers and shoe sellers do not sell white leather ballerina flats in January. Or February. Or March. I know, I could have probably found some online, but I hate buying shoes online. I'm a tactile person so I need to feel them, walk in them for a while, sit and cross my legs with them on, stand on my tiptoes, pose in front of a mirror, make sure my toes aren't smushed, etcetera before I commit to buying them. So buying online doesn't work for me. Pooh.

I checked EVERY single shoe store in a four town area, two major shopping malls, an outdoor mall, and various department stores. I even dragged my sissy with me. (Who wasn't really a lot of help, "You're not going to find anything white, you know." Thanks, sissy, that made me feel so much better.) No white leather ballerina flats. I was even willing to settle for off-white leather ballerina flats. No off-white leather ballerina flats. (Drat. Sissy was right.) But...and here's where the story takes a happy turn for me...I found two other pairs of shoes I love!

The top pair are coming to Europe and the Mediterranean with me and the bottom pair just make me smile. Happy hearts, happy me. And look, they even talked to me on their little shoebox home...

(I love you, too, new shoes.)

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