Monday, March 2, 2009

4 Opened, 8 Unopened

Bet you're wondering what the title means?

What led me to discovering 4 opened & 8 unopened is the fact that we are having more snow which means the girls are home with no school and I can't go run errands with my sissy. Waaaaaaaa!

So, snowstorm = stuck in house with nothing to do but clean out the kitchen food/snack/baking cabinets. Amongst my cleaning today I have decided that I have a serious addiction to buying boxes of crackers. Because, those #'s in the title are the amount of boxes that I have in my cabinet NOW. Yes, now. I threw out probably 7 or 8 other boxes that were half empty, on their way to stale, or had 2 crackers left in them. Yikes!

I think I may need to be banned from the cracker aisle at the grocery store. Seriously, an intervention is in order here. Now, if I wanted a cop out, I would totally blame the store--they're the ones that put them on sale 2/$4 or 2/$5...I feel compelled to buy the 2. That and the fact, most of the time I am starving when I go to the store--all those crackers just look so yummy!

So, my resolution today is not to buy any more crackers until I am down to a total of 3(that was hard to type..I really wanted to type 4!) boxes. This is going to be hard. I may not make it. I will try to keep you all posted. Wish me luck. I will leave you with a picture of the unopened....don't they look yummy?!?!

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