Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fishing isn't for sissies

I love having my nieces for sleepovers. I get to do all kinds of fun things that I don't take time to do by myself, like shrinky dinks. They are very cool to watch in the oven. They curl up into some hideously deformed blob, and just when you think they couldn't get any worse, they flatten right out. Amazing. I don't have any pics of the actual shrinking of the dinks [is that what they're called?] since my oven hasn't been cleaned in quite a while and we'll leave it at that. But I did get some pics of my nieces preparing them.

After we did our shrinking, we had meatballs, cucumbers, and carrots. D. made her meatball sandwich, just like Auntie and J. For dessert we had root beer floats. I'm not going to tell you how much root beer I put in, let's just say it's a good thing their mother wasn't around. Sorry, sissy, there are no rules at Auntie's house. So there.

But the best part of the night came while we were playing Wii. D. and E. were playing together and D. lost every single game, every single time. Every. single. time. She doesn't take this very well.

So they're playing the fishing game and D. is pulling in more fish than E. But, in the very last moments of the game, E. lands a huge fish worth a bajillion points. D. loses again.

Auntie takes pity on her and says, "Hey, D. I'll play with you because I always lose at this so you will definitely beat Auntie." Auntie wins. Uh-oh. Tears. Minor meltdown.

Her sissy takes pity on her and says, "D., I'll play with you only..." [and this is when K. and I fell out of our chairs, laughing] "...I won't do anything. I'll just sit in the chair and close my eyes even."

D. is okay with this. She starts playing, tells her sissy not to do anything, and starts pulling in fish.

The wrong ones.

The ones that give you negative points.

She's down 190 points before you know it. E. is winning the game and she's sitting in a chair with the remote in her lap and her eyes closed. UH-OH. I start rooting on D., telling her to go near the really big fish. Please, honey, go near the really big fish. She finally lands one with not a second to spare and wins the game. Final score 20-0.

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