Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Perfect Dinner....

according to my 5 year old girls that are going to "Auntie's" aka my sissy's house for a sleepover this coming Saturday night:

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Bread--in case you want to make a meatball sandwich or just to eat plain
Root Beer Floats

Seriously, this is what they are going to have. They discussed it the other day when "Auntie" came over before they left for school. Auntie let them decide everything.

It's kind of obnoxious the rock star status "Auntie" has in our house. In my girls world she is "da bomb". And she really is called Auntie...not, Auntie C. I was having a conversation with one of the girls, D., a month or so ago & was referring to Auntie C. She looked at me serious as can be & says, "Mom, can you just call her Auntie". No lie. So, in our house she is just "Auntie". Rock star. Kind of like Cher, Madonna, Sting.....she's "Auntie". I can just picture it in lights now!

Oh, and they're going to make Shrinky Dinks. That will only further the rock star status. If she starts asking me to remove the red m&m's from a bowl, I may have to re-think her fabulous sissy status.

The other best thing about Auntie's house is because there is a fabulous uncle who always takes them out to the workshop to tinker with stuff. And there is a 14 year old, K., who likes to do their hair. And there's a 17 year old boy, J., who lets them jump on him. Plus they all(even uncle) like to watch Spongebob together.

It will be a perfect sleepover.

And it couldn't be more timely, since right now I might resort to selling them, we've had such a bad week. There's been lots of sister arguing & me yelling. Good thing they're going to Auntie's. I may pack extra clothes for extra sleepovers. Just kidding sissy! We'll get them on Sunday at church.



  1. the other sassy sissyMarch 20, 2009 at 8:33 PM

    I see no problem with being "da bomb" in my nieces' world. It's the only place I am "da bomb" anywhere. In my kids world, I am "da pain in the neck". Except when I take them shopping, them I am "da best mom in the world".

    P.S. My nieces are "da bomb" too!

  2. Next time the nieces go to Rockstar Auntie's house, can I come too... that menu sounds good to me! I can teach the girls how to make meatballs : ). Did you know in Rhode Island a root beer float is called a "cabinet?" We had them all the time when we visited my relatives.