Monday, March 16, 2009

Sew Easy

I like to sew. Not big projects, like skirts or shirts or dresses, but small projects. I sew little Christmas trees, and birds, and bags. I heart bags. I mean I REALLY heart bags. Ask anyone who knows me. I have a bag obsession. I believe I might have mentioned this in a previous post.

But I mention it again because I made a bag for a friend. She's been coming to knitting class, carrying her knitting projects in a plastic bag. That's just not right. She's got holes in the bag because the knitting needles poke through, then her yarn gets all tangled up because she slings the bag around like it's got groceries in it. There's just no reason for her to use a plastic bag when she has a friend who can make her a real knitting bag. So I made her one.

It looks pretty good at this point. That's when my impatience took over. I love to sew, I hate to pin. Mainly because I hate unpinning. I love to sew, I hate to measure. Mainly because it takes too long. Sewing is kind of fussy. I'm more of a "yeah, this looks about right" type of sewer. [Is that a word? Or does it mean the thing in the road that carries all kinds of dirty stuff away with the water runoff?]

I have issues with pins. They get stuck all the time. Probably because I hate unpinning them. It slows me down. My foot is "pedal to the metal" when I'm sewing. Get out of my way, pins. So I leave them in, which is a terrible thing to do evidently.

I also forget what I'm supposed to do, like sew curves. I sewed straight to the edge, turned the corner, sewed that section, turned ANOTHER corner [yes, I did it twice] and finished up. Then I looked at it. Ugh. I forgot to sew the curve. Somehow I failed to follow the neon blue line I put there. Still not sure how that happened other than my need for speed.

The body count was six pins by the time I finished. But I think it came out pretty good, don't you?


  1. Pins don't like to be sewn! I got one stuck in the machine during my sewing class - the teacher messes up! Great job, Mrs. V .... I don't know how you missed that fat blue line either, but it does look good. And yes, I think sewer is a word that has dual meanings. Great pictures too, Cheryl!

  2. the other sassy sissyMarch 17, 2009 at 7:20 PM

    Thanks, Rhonda. You may have to give me lessons some day....