Thursday, February 26, 2009

Speed Knitter

I must say I am not pleased with the speed in which my sissy knits. I mean, really, a keyhole scarf in less than 2 days?! That is just unacceptable.

About a year ago, sissy convinced me to take a knitting class--which really meant joining a knitting group- made up of a fabulous group of women that is a blog post all in of itself! I digress. So, I, being a COMPLETE amateur at knitting, agreed because 1. I have always wanted to learn and 2. She had willingly taken a cake decorating class with me that was all my idea. She really is a good sissy! However, she didn’t tell me that she ALREADY knew how to knit. Honestly, I consider that false advertising. Even the women in our knitting group call her the false amateur. So, right from the start she was whizzing along with her knitting & I was knitting like I had 10 thumbs! Losing stitches, picking up stiches….I was a mess! I have stuck with it & have since made several projects that I have been very pleased with. I have even made the aforementioned keyhole scarf. I finished it on Monday night & it looks fabulous. But, it took me 2 weeks of knitting here & there to finish it. That’s normal person speed, not speed knitter speed that apparently my sissy knits at!

So, tonight at knitting group I was trying to pick a new project and couldn’t make up my mind. What does sissy suggest…mittens(which I’ve not done yet!!) and in her words to me “you can have those done in no time, they’re so easy!” I looked at her and said, “Helloooo, those won’t be done for me to wear them this winter!” Even one of my fellow knitters chimed in to say, “No, no mittens, she needs a spring project.” So, there I was left without any good ideas for a project and forced to pick up the sweater I’ve been working on since August(yes, you read that right) for my husband. At this point it is a tube top and 1 arm band….my husband is sure to make a fashion statement if worn as is! No longer is my goal for him to wear it this season, but in time for next! Perhaps I will be inspired by my speed knitter sissy & actually get the sweater done before the end of March….stay tuned! So, sissy, slow down your knitting to normal person speed!

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