Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our world....welcome to it.

Generally, we're pretty funny together. At least we think so. When we shop together, we forget people can hear us. So we talk like we're at home. Sometimes it's amusing to others, sometimes they look at us strangely. But, generally, they smile at us.

Today, not so funny. One of us has a sick child and the other of us came over to start this blog. We thought it would be easy to do this. One of us didn't know the other of us was a rogue clicker, clicking so fast you'd think she was in a quick draw contest with the really bad guy you find in cheesy westerns.

But one of us is digressing. The real story today is one of us letting her child eat spoonfuls of strawberry jelly and fingerfuls of ranch dressing for lunch. Yum. That is one happy child.

Other sissy here! Previous story coming from the one who let her son(he still does this, too!) dip his potato chips in mayonnaise...real healthy snack! In my defense, the fingerfuls of jam and ranch dressing are coming after she ate 6 grape tomatoes & is in the process of eating her pb&j!

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