Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sighin' and cryin'

I have a friend I've known since kindergarten, and for anyone who knows me, that was quite a while ago. Pooh. She has three boys, the youngest one about ten years younger than the middle one. We decided the other night that he's her "do-over". She gets to do motherhood again, knowing all the stuff she learned the first time around. As we were talking about that, I started thinking about my own kids and what kind of mom I've been. A good one, I hope. I think so. They might tell you different, depending on what kind of trouble they've gotten themselves into. But it made me think about time passing, boo-hoo, and I started to look at old pics of my kids and how much they've grown and I noticed something. I have a lot of pictures of the the two of them actually laughing with each other. They like each other. That warms my heart.

I've always wondered if my kids will be friends when they become adults. My sissy is one of my best friends. We hang out together a lot. We laugh and cry. We get mad but we make up. We share. We have fun. When I look at these pics, I hope they do all these things too. Except the crying part. I don't think my son will do that.

Of course, after I started looking at these pics, I got weepy because time went by way too fast. They grew up. They got big. They don't fit on my lap anymore and I can't cuddle them. I need to stop looking at these pics.

Now my oldest is getting ready for college and my youngest will follow him a few years later. We still have some time with her. Maybe I can teach her more things. Like how to become friends with sales clerks so they tell you when the sales come out. Or why you don't want to upset your mother since she's holding the purse strings when you shop together. Important things like that.

Goodbye childhood. It was nice to know you.


  1. I have almost the same pictures as your top 4, almost the exact same poses with my older 2 boys. They laughed and giggled together, leaned on each other while they watched TV, comfortable with each other. The other day I had to literally sit on the older one's back to keep him from attacking (again) his brother. I was laughing about it an hour later, but what a difference 8 years makes. Too much testosterone and frustration about girls... you must have done something right with yours, they're still in pictures together smiling. I've got some redirecting to do, good thing I go to my local library and find all kinds of good books to help me :).

  2. the other sassy sissyApril 3, 2009 at 7:41 AM

    It's the leaning on each other that I love.