Saturday, April 4, 2009

How to drive your mother insane, otherwise known as being a teenager

Anybody have a teenager or two at home? Want mine? I had to take the two of them shopping for shoes today. Not fun.

One of them doesn't really need new shoes. She just wants them. She wants to buy every shoe she tries on, but alas, has no cash. The other has cash, but doesn't want to part with any of it. He also hates every shoe made, every style made, every material they're made from, every color they make, on and on, ad nauseum. He, however, needed new shoes. He'll tell you he doesn't but I know better. I've seen his shoes and they should be given to men wearing hazardous material suits.

Three hours of my life was given to this pursuit. Three hours that I could have been knitting, or shopping for shoes for myself. Three hours I could have spent spring cleaning or something else equally pleasurable. [Did I really just write that?]

End result? Three hours lost, two pairs of shoes bought for her, one mother vowing never to take them shopping again, zero shoes bought for him. Ugh.

I'll be going out again tomorrow.

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